BikeYoke Revive vs Fox Transfer

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Bike yoke revive or fox transfer

I've had Fox Transfer for a couple of years then OneUp for a month and now BikeYoke Revive for 1 year. Riding all sort of conditions. Reliability wise Fox Transfer hands down, absolutely no. 150 Fox Transfer Factory version I would keep the Bike Yoke dropper lever. Two reasons I lean towards the Fox is that i could get the extra travel and the Kashima coat would match my 34 Factory SC Fork. Reason I lean towards the Bike Yoke - 125 travel seems fine for me and the reputation of the Bike Yoke is rock solid. Thoughts!? Does it make sense to go with the Fox Factory 150 at an even no-cost swap? or stick with the Bike Yoke Revive 125 BikeYoke REVIVE (Test hier) 419 € (mit Triggy) 520 mm: 290 mm: 206 mm: 45 mm: 125 - 160 - 185: 583 g: Kabel: FOX Transfer Factory (Test hier) 429 €/69 € 530 mm: 300 mm: 205 mm: 60 mm: 100 - 125 - 150 - 175: 583 g: Kabel: KS LEV Si (Test hier) 260 €/39 € 500 mm: 275 mm: 200 mm: 50 mm: 65 - 75 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 175: 589 g: Kabel: OneUp V2 (Test hier) 209 €/45,50 BikeYoke REVIVE (Click for review) € 419 (with Triggy) 520 mm: 290 mm: 206 mm: 45 mm: 125 - 160 - 185: 583 g: Cable: FOX Transfer Factory (Click for review) € 429/€ 69: 530 mm: 300 mm: 205 mm: 60 mm: 100 - 125 - 150 - 175: 583 g: Cable: KS LEV Si (Click for review) € 260/€ 39: 500 mm: 275 mm: 200 mm: 50 mm: 65 - 75 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 175: 589 g: Cabl Fox Transfer 2021: Infos und Preise. Mit der neuen Fox Transfer wollen die US-Amerikaner mehr Fahrer*innen ansprechen - und diese größere Zielgruppe soll mit einer geringeren Bauhöhe erreicht werden. Damit soll die Fox Transfer 2021 in Zukunft in mehr Rahmen auch für Personen mit kurzen Beinen ausreichend Platz bieten. Bis zu 25 mm mehr Einstecktiefe bietet die neue Version. Wie bisher auch gibt es die Stütze als 30,9 mm- und 31,6 mm-Version in Factory- und Performance.

Bike Yoke Revive 125 or 2021 Fox Transfer Factory 150

Die gute Nachricht: Alle Teleskopstützen funktionieren auf einem hohen Niveau. Bei Hebelergonomie und Bedienkraft gibt's die größten Unterschiede. Fox und Bikeyoke sichern sich die meisten Punkte. Rockshox verliert seine Vormachtstellung am Markt. Pro überzeugt mit guter Preis/Leistung The Bike Yoke Revive is our test winner from a year ago and while it remains unchanged Bike Yoke has added an additional 34.9mm size and there's also a new lightweight, short-travel dropper in the range called the Divine. At £390, the Revive is not the cheapest dropper post on test but it's easily the smoothest. Bike Yoke eliminated a ton of friction by reducing the number of internal seals and it's done away with the IFP (internal floating piston) used to separate the air.

I also have the bikeyoke revive, which I have put through some serious abuse in the last week, almost 250 miles, an extremely rough 50 mile race, then a 60 mile big loop with lots of vertical, and lots of tech riding in Sedona. I like the action on the revive a lot more. It's more sensitive to the lever pressure so if you push a little ways, it comes up slow, if you push further, it comes up. Fazit - BikeYoke Revive. In Sekundenschnelle entlüftet, leicht zu warten und auf dem Trail problemlos: Uns hat die Revive gefallen. Der niedrig bauende Kopf und Bund sowie der ergonomisch gute Lenkerhebel runden das Produkt ab, und auch bei Verarbeitung und Toleranzen leistet sich die Stütze keine Schwächen. Einzig das vorhandene Federn nach speziellen Schiebe- oder Transportsituationen könnte manchen Biker ärgern You won't need a lot of force to activate both posts. In our testings the BikeYoke Revive needed a bit less pressure to activate the drop. That might be one benefit of the more expensive internal design. Compared to Rockshox Reverb 1x Remote I wouldn't call the lever better or worse. It will get the job done right. In Comparison to a different remote like the previous Reverb Remote the BikeYoke lever shines

The Revive only requires two dynamic seals in the hydraulic circuit (RS Reverb, KS LEV and Fox Transfer use four dynamic seals) with those two seals being the ones that are known to cause the least.. Revive is smoother with a lighter lever feel and actuation. That said, the Divine is on par with the other high end competition like Fox; the Revive just positions itself in another level. I'm. BikeYoke sells the Revive in three travel lengths: 125mm, 160mm (tested), and 185mm. Their posts use a short collar on the lower, fixed portion of the post, which allows them to eke out more travel for a given overall post length. For comparison, a 150mm Fox Transfer post measures 457mm from the rails to the bottom of the post Im Gegensatz zu anderen Stützen vefügt die REVIVE nur über zwei dynamische Dichtungen (bei KS LEV und Fox Transfer sind es 4, bei der Reverb sind es 6 dynamisch dichtende Kontaktpunkte). Bei der REVIVE handelt es sich dabei um die unkritischen Dichtungen, die bei Stützen generell kaum Probleme Machen: Die Kolbenstangedichtung und die Kolbendichtung des Lockouts. Die komplette Luftseite.

I can't comment on reliability as I've only had it a little while but fox posts have generally got a good reputation for reliability, with good backup from Mojo With their top-quality construction and internals, BikeYoke droppers are undoubtedly expensive, but the Divine bucks this trend - it undercuts a Fox Transfer, DVO Garnet, KS Lev and the new RockShox Reverb. It's lighter than most of these by around 150g too, plus it's more reliable and has the added benefit of being fully travel adjustable BikeYoke Germany Stefan Sack Jella Lepman-Str. 39 81673 München. USt-ID: DE 305 335 65 1st Place: BikeYoke Revive ($400) To boot, Race Face came up with a lever that was much better than the original FOX Transfer lever, and even though FOX has now developed a whole new lever for the V2, the Race Face version remains a favorite of ours. Shop the Race Face Turbine R at Competitive Cyclist. 9point8 Fall Line. 9point8 wanted the same thing we all want from our dropper posts.

Fox Transfer + Wolftooth ReMote- Mtbr

Here you can see the difference between a Microvalve REVIVE and of ours early REVIVE versions What I'm saying is, as with the Revive, I'm writing about tearing it down, but Niels will be doing the actual testing and review. I've reviewed dropper posts just as smooth as the Revive, like the PNW Bachelor and Crank Brothers Highline 7, and I've also ridden the Fox Transfer | Race Face Turbine R and the original BikeYoke Revive. But, what's.

Die Bikeyoke Revive ist vom Grundaufbau sehr einfach. Im Grunde genommen besteht sie, wie die meisten anderen Vario Stützen aus drei Funktionseinheiten - das innere Rohr als erste Kammer, ein äußeres Rohr als zweite Kammer und der Remote Bedienung. Das innere Rohr ist komplett mit Öl befüllt, während das Äußere als Ausgleichsrohr gilt und gleichzeit eine Luftkammer/Luftfeder darstellt. Betätigt man die Remote Bedienung, wird ein Ventil zwischen den beiden Kammern. Service - BikeYoke Revive | Lane 6 Riders - YouTube 3 years of REVIVE out in the market resulted in another benchmark product for BikeYoke: REVIVE 2.0. The new extralong 213mm REVIVE required a lot of re-thinking and re-engineering the whole chassis structure and since we think they deserve it, the shorter REVIVES will also get all the nice updates, and benefit from what was originally implemented only for the longest sibling of the REVIVE family BikeYoke posts feature an open bath design, which in the case of the Revive can be bled externally using the aforementioned reset valve. This design means that there is no need for an internal floating piston, and it also means you can run lower internal oil pressure. This removes a number of seals from the equation and it also does away with the number one cause of dropper post failure. Bikeyoke Revive 125: 73.5: 75.5: 77.5: 79.5: Bikeyoke Revive 160: 77.0: 79.0: 81.0: 83.0: Bikeyoke Revive 185: 83.5: 83.5: 83.5: 85.5: Fox Transfer 125: 75.5: 77.5: 79.5: 81.5: Fox Transfer 150: 78.0: 80.0: 82.0: 84.0: Fox Transfer 175: 84.5: 84.5: 84.5: 86.5: RockShox Reverb AXS 125: 73.5: 75.5: 77.5: 79.5: RockShox Reverb AXS 150: 76: 78: 80: 8

Bikeyoke Revive. Jump to Latest Follow REVIEWS DEALS BIKESHOPS TRAILS. 1 - 20 of 1010 Posts. 1; 2; 3 Go to page. Go. 51; Next. 1 of 51 Go to page. Go. Last. Jayem · Elitest thrill junkie. Joined Jul 16, 2005 · 34,876 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 27, 2017. Got it installed. Seems nice. Lever controls speed of return. Lever seems nicely made, mounted up well to the I spec II. Bikeyoke Revive 160\31,6 Tausch gg Devine/Oneup. Reserviert bis auf Weiteres. Gebrauchte, funktionsfähige Sattelstütze. Tausc Reserviert bis auf Weiteres. Gebrauchte, funktionsfähige Sattelstütze. Tausch gegen Devine 160mm oder ggf eine Oneup 170mm. Abgabe ohne Remote. Be Krautwurst. 150. 07.05.2021 18:31. 195,00 € gebraucht. X-Fusion Manic Sattelstütze 170mm / 31,6mm - - NEU. Hugene ist unsere Interpretation vom perfekten Trailbike. Ein Bike, das mit Leichtigkeit den Berg hinauffliegt und dir bergab ein fettes Grinsen ins Gesicht zaubert

Die beste Dropper Post 2020 - 8 absenkbare Sattelstützen

Fox Racing Shox Transfer Factory Dropper Seatpost - Internal Routing. 4.6 out of 5 stars 62. $349.00 - $573.49 OneUp Components Dropper Lever. 4.3 out of 5 stars 60. $49.00 - $49.50 Fox Racing Shox Transfer Performance Elite Dropper Seatpost-Internal Routing. 4.9 out of 5 stars 31. $294.00 - $495.99 Bike Yoke Divine Dropper Seatpost. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. $339.00 - $379.00 Next page. Special. Although the Fox Transfer has a smoother feel through its stroke and a lower effort lever action, 2 things I really didn't like vs the OneUp V2 post: Slower return speed and longer lever throw. It doesn't look like either of these things has changed.. too bad as it looks really nice BikeYoke is a small German brand, but their Revive mountain bike dropper post stands head and shoulders above all the dropper posts from the major brands. The article Review: The BikeYoke Revive Dropper Post Is Exceptional appeared first on Singletracks Mountain Bike News

The Best Dropper Post of 2020 - 8 posts put to the test

BikeYoke Divine Seatpost Vital Review Tested: BikeYoke Divine 185 (product review) In 2016, when BikeYoke released their first dropper post - the Revive, they shot straight to the top of the heap thanks to a particularly innovative feature that let riders easily bleed the internals using an external valve, a process that took no more than 10 seconds to complete with a simple a. The Bike Yoke Revive has another stellar remote lever called the Triggy. This is a lightweight machined 1x style lever with a light lever feel and perfect ergonomics. The Fox Transfer post features another excellent lever. The new Transfer 1x lever has a thin CNC construction, a nice ergonomic shape, and a large, textured thumb paddle. The.

WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files up to 2GB for free Excellent options like the BikeYoke Revive, Fox Transfer, and RockShox Reverb (the latest one), exist: This bike's performance and high-end price deserve one. Clamped hose and housing ports. Fox Racing Transfer Factory Internal Vario-Sattelstütze. 30,9mm x 309mm / 100mm 30,9mm x 364mm / 125mm 30,9mm x 418mm / 150mm 30,9mm x 475mm / 175mm 31,6mm x 309mm / 100mm 31,6mm x 364mm / 125mm 31,6mm x 418mm / 150mm 31,6mm x 475mm / 175mm. alle anzeigen. Farbe: kashima coated. Sie sparen 13%. 449,- € 389,- € Fox Racing Transfer Performance Elite Internal Vario-Sattelstütze. 30,9mm x. TESTED: BikeYoke Revive 2.0 213mm dropper post. Shimano release 300% stronger Linkglide shifting . Fox go all in with 2022 Fox 34 trail forks and shocks. Latest News. Roar, Mariners battle for second. 11 May 2021. The Art of Golf: Master Strokes. 11 May 2021. So-called expert golf tips for this week. 11 May 2021. Most Read. What's happening in the forests at Derby? 10 May 2021. 25mm vs 30mm. BIKEYOKE Sattelstütze REVIVE 2.0 ohne Remotehebel | 213 mm. 405,00 € * UVP: 405,00 € Artikelnr: 46998; Gewicht: 621g; Additional contact mail (leave blank)* I totally agree to receive nothing* in 1-3 Tagen. DT SWISS Sattelstütze D 232 Aluminium 27,2 mm | 60 mm. 282,50 € * UVP: 335,00 € Artikelnr: 47014; Gewicht: 416g; Additional contact mail (leave blank)* I totally agree to receive.

Fox Transfer 2021 im ersten Test: Gleicher Hub, weniger

  1. bikeyoke Divine 160 mm Vario w/o Remote black 31,6 mm / 435 mm / SB 0 mm. ab 295, 00 € bikeyoke Divine 125 mm Vario with Triggy Remote 1-fach black 30,9 mm / 365 mm / SB 0 mm +2 Varianten ab 269, 14 € bikeyoke Divine 185 mm Vario w/o Remote black 30,9 mm / 485 mm / SB 0 mm. ab 325, 00 € Rock Shox Reverb Stealth C1 Ø 31.6 mm/ 467 mm +9 Varianten ab 304, 85 € Rock Shox Reverb AXS 170 mm.
  2. The bikeyoke divine dropper is the third addition to their dropper range sitting alongside the bikeyoke revive and the xc lightweight option divine sl. And is 80mm of travel enough. The guys at bike yoke know that some dayyour revive post is going to suck air so it features a patented release valve near the clamp head. tesla vs bike top 1
  3. Seatpost Propain Seatpost Seatpost Bikeyoke Revive Seatpost Fox Factory Transfer Wheels Propain ZTR FLOW S1 Wheels Propain ZTR FLOW MK3 Wheels Reynolds Black Label Carbon Cranks Truvativ Descendant Eagle 175 mm 32Z Cranks Truvativ Descendant Carbon Eagle 175 mm 32Z Cranks SRAM XX1 Carbon Eagle 175 mm 32Z Rear derailleur SRAM GX Eagle (1×12) Rear derailleur SRAM X01 Eagle (1×12) Rear.
  4. Bike for sale! Here's the details 2018 YT industries 29er Capra This is the newest version of the Capra with the redesigned frame with 170mm of travel in the front and rear!! YT is way ahead of.
  5. BikeYoke, Reggisella Revive 30,9/160mm Contagocce Vario Post | Sport e viaggi, Ciclismo, Ricambi biciclette | eBay
  6. Travel redefined ★ 4 Längen, Hub 90-212mm Innenverlegt Geniale shutLOC Mechanik, ultrarobust Ab 395 Gramm Indexiert oder stufenlos Für alle Bike

Please note all Fox & Marzocchi Forks and Shocks are pre-order only, please call us to check lead times before you order** 01373 826800 ROCKSHOX forks & shocks have varied lead times, as above please call us to check lead times before you order. Home » Products » Seatposts » BikeYoke » Divine Dropper Post 31.6. Divine Dropper Post 31.6. Product Description. Whoever has been looking for a. FOX Seatpost 2020 Transfer P-SE Performance intern | 175 mm 30,9 mm - SPECIAL OFFER. Special price 250,00 € * MSRP: 369,00 € Item no.: 50304; Weight: 603g; Additional contact mail (leave blank)* I totally agree to receive nothing* available from stock. FOX Seatpost 2021 Transfer P-SE Performance internal | 150 mm 30,9 mm - SPECIALOFFER. Special price 250,00 € * MSRP: 369,00 € Item no. This equates to the most efficient lock-out system enabling you to transfer all your strength to the bike. The LOK system has a special blow-off valve, so if you forget switch before a downhill section you can ride it out. The Storia Lok is the lightest enduro mountain bike coil shock available, weighing in at only 635 grams including spring (196×57 version with a 325 lbs spring). Built for. Fox Transfer NEUVE 150mm / 31,6mm AVEC levier. Vente. 300 € Tige de selle. 21/04/2021 FR/06000. Fox Racing Shox. Revive 30.9/160mm V2.0. Vente. 220 € Tige de selle. 29/03/2021 FR/77100. BikeYoke. Revive 30.9/160mm V2.0. Vente . 220 € Tige de selle. 29/03/2021 FR/77440. BikeYoke. Tige de selle télescopique Fox Doss 31.6mm. Vente. 130 € Tige de selle. 14/03/2021 FR/83000. Fox Racing. Enduro-Gabeln im Vergleichstest Fox 38 Factory Grip2 vs. Rock Shox Zeb Ultimate Der neuste Schrei unter Enduristen: Fox 38 und Rock Shox Zeb. Wir haben die beiden Mega-Gabeln aufeinander losgelassen. Federgabeln und Dämpfer. Neue Super-Enduro-Gabel aus Colorado im Test Rock Shox Zeb Ultimate (MOUNTAINBIKE-Kauftipp) Der neuste Schrei unter Enduristen: Fox 38 und Rock Shox Zeb. MOUNTAINBIKE hat.

Aktuelle Sport-Nachrichten | Transfer, Live-Streams, Videos & Berichte zu Fußball-Bundesliga, CL, F1, Tennis u.v.m | Sky Spor FOX redefines ride dynamics for ATVs, mountain bikes, motocross, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, trucks, and UTVs. When releasing air from the air chamber, it is important to do this slowly so the shock can transfer air from the negative to positive chamber and then be realeased through the Schrader valve. Releasing the air pressure too quickly can induce a condition in which the negative. Can people catch mange from a fox? There are many different strains of Sarcoptic mange, and some even affect humans. For this reason, it's recommended that you don't handle mangy foxes without some type of protection. But the truth is that the strain of mange that foxes carry can't persist in humans. You could catch it, but it would die off naturally in a few weeks. Still, it's best to.

10 MTB Teleskop-Sattelstützen im Vergleich - Test 2017

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Bike Yoke Revive dropper post review - MB

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The Official Website for all movies from 20th Century Studios. Shop for movies on Blu-ray, DVD, 4K Ultra HD, or Digital BIKEYOKE, SATTELSTÜTZE REVIVE 30,9 / 160mm Dropper Vario Post - EUR 335,00. FOR SALE! Kontakt eBay Shop Bewertungsprofil Weitere Auktionen MichSeite BikeYoke, Sattelstütze Revive 30,9 / 15422315632

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Fox Transfer postanyone on here have experience

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BikeYoke Revive: Exklusiver Test der neuen Variostütz

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BikeYoke Revive vs Divine - Dropperpost Comparison

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BikeYoke Presents Revive Dropper - Pinkbik

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BikeYoke Updates & Extends the Revive Dropper Post - Pinkbik

Fox Transfer Remote Lever - I-Spec - 22

Review: The BikeYoke Revive Dropper Post Is Exceptional

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FOX Transfer Dropper Seatpost Lever - PIT BITS - EnduroReview: Fox Transfer Adjustable Height Dropper PostFox Transfer Factory dropper post review - MBRFox Transfer Dropper Post: Is It Better Than ThePNW Components Rainier dropper post review- Mtbr2017-2020 Transfer Hydraulic, Infinite Adjust SeatpostFox Transfer 1x Dropper Post Lever Review | Worldwide Cyclery
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